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OnlineIncomeCash.com [O.I.C.] was a project I created several years back in order to make money while providing quality information to other people. O.I.C. has these 3 things in mind and incorporated them into the logo:

Excel (Eagle head) – To create and share the best strategies, content, information with people.

Automate (Clockwork gears) – What’s the point of creating an online business if it becomes like a job?

Profit (Cash notes) – O.I.C. has to be a place where people can learn and use the best legal strategies to make a profit online

I created this site while working under a mentor, coaching his internet marketing students. He regularly held weekend classes and students had to pay entry prices from $1,997 to $10,000 to be in the class.

As they were held over a weekend and we wanted to provide the best training available, a lot of information had to be jam-packed into the students – at the end of the day, even though many of them stated they were happy with the workshop, they also admitted to being overwhelmed.

I took that to heart.

After working with him for a while, I wanted to create a website of value where I can help students create their own online income streams without having to pay thousands of dollars. I also wanted the students to be able to follow along and create their profit-producing websites – that’s why I came up with O.I.C.

The basic premise to get people started was with my 52-week Affiliate Income Monthly [A.I.M.] training program – where students can start profiting with affiliate marketing, in simple step-by-step manner.

I put a lot of time and energy into created A.I.M. and instead of charging thousands, I decided to price it at a very reasonable price of $1 a day.

An important criteria of my training is that it should NOT be reliant on me. If it did, then I am no different from the hucksters out there who want you to turn to them again and again just so you can keep their pockets full and yours empty.

I wanted to make sure people can contact me easily so I decided to put both the “about me” and “contact me” together – since it’s somewhat like an online name card.

Who am I then? Well… here’s a little bullet-list of who I am:

  • My name is Asher – I own this website and several other web properties.
  • I have been marketing online since 2008 (wow, it’s been that long?) – I made my first affiliate sale in my very 1st month which got me hooked since.
  • I have a bunch of well-developed-yet-pretty-much-useless talents that I use to entertain myself and irritate the heck out of people around me. A good talent I have though is the ability to sing – I won 2nd prize in a singing competition back when I was younger.
  • I worked with a local company, I was their Chief Master Trainer. I taught and trained hundreds of people internet marketing – with each person paying minimum $1997 to more than $10,000.
  • I have trained/consulted people both online and offline in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, America, Japan, Indonesia.

That’s all I got off the top of my head right now. Anything else I can help you with, feel free to contact me using the form below.

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