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For PDF Files

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open PDF files. Most computers already have Adobe Reader installed. If your computer doesn’t have it, you can get a FREE download of the latest version here.

Adobe Acrobat Reader has versions for both PC and Macintosh computers. The PDF documents here can be opened and read on either a PC or a Macintosh with Adobe Reader.

For Zip Compressed Files

You will also need an “unzip” program to open any zipped applications and you can download the following if you don’t have them installed already:

PC Users: I recommend using WinZip. A free evaluation version is available. Mac/Linux Users: I recommend using StuffIt Xpander.

For Video / Audio Files

To view videos / audios, you can either watch them online or download them to your computer.

There are 2 ways to watch the videos, either open each video’s folder and click on the index html file to watch it or watch it with a video player like VLC.

To Download The Files

Below you’ll see the download link for your modules. To save them to your computer, simply click on the link using your right mouse button. Then left click on “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”.

Once you select “Save Target As” a download screen asking you where on your computer you want to save the files will appear.

Simply click the “Save” button and follow the instructions to download the files; then open them as per normal.

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Welcome to the Bonus Collection Center. You may access the bonuses available to you for your membership level below. Click on the respective links for the content to appear/hide.

Each time you upgrade your membership, you will also see the bonuses below “unlock”.

Bonus Redemption Center

Have a coupon code? Bought a product recommended by O.I.C. and you want to collect your bonuses? Enter your receipt into the form below and our system will verify your purchase automatically. Once we’ve verified it, you will receive access to your bonus.

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