Conversations with Marketing Superstars – Jason Parker

In this quick and concise interview, you’ll find out how Jason Parker got started in his internet business.

You’ll also..

  • Discover the 1 fundamental rule he sticks with
  • Learn what he does on a regular basis to build his business
  • Know what you should do if you are just starting out as a total newbie

Let’s get started!

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Asher: Hi Jason, first of all, thanks for willing to do the email interview. Seriously appreciate it.

Okay – so here goes the interview questions! Let’s start off with something easy, shall we?

If you were to select 5 words off the top of your head right now to describe yourself and/or what you do… what would those 5 words be?

Jason: List Builder, Hot Offer Mailer

Asher: Since you’re a List Builder, Hot Offer Mailer, can you share why and how you got started?

What’s the story behind YOU? (Like what you did before and what was the turning point?)

Jason: I learned a lot from Internet legend Matt Bacak when I worked for his company in Duluth, Georgia USA.

Although we do things differently, I learned money making principles from him that can be used in different scenarios.

For example, here is one of them.

You need two things to make money.

You need lead generation and you need offers that convert.

When you focus on those two things in a way you enjoy marketing then you can make some good sales and commissions.

Asher: So that’s pretty interesting, most people start off with a job that turned into a nightmare but you started off working with an internet marketing legend.

What are your greatest achievements to date?

Would that be your most memorable moment? If not, what would be it?

Jason: Yeah it was pretty cool.

I mean, I was an Internet marketer before working for Bacak, but wasn’t a full time Internet marketer.

I was working construction, painting, landscaping and doing all kinds of manual labor jobs during my first couple years of Internet marketing.

The only reason why I started working with Bacak was because his office was about 45 minutes from my house and I was really persistent to get hired by him.

I wanted to learn from him because the guy makes millions of dollars per year.

I don’t really have any big achievements in marketing.

Unlike Bacak who was my mentor making millions, I like to play it small.

I like working at home with no staff and no office.

And I don’t like being a guru and subject to so much criticism.

I’m smalltime compared to all these guys.

I’m just a marketer in the trenches probably like you are.

I have no desire to be rich and “famous,” just happy.

Asher: It seems like you’re really living your life by your design, that’s pretty amazing.

So what’s it like being Jason Parker?

What’s your daily routine, if any?

Since you’re a List Builder, Hot Offer Mailer, what are the core things you focus on a weekly/monthly basis?

Like, how and what do you focus on to build your list? How and what fulfills the criteria of hot offer?

Jason: My daily routine starts with 2 questions…

  1. What am I going to mail right now?
  2. What 3 things can I do to generate new leads today?

I try to get an email out before I do anything else for the day.

Once the email is out, I can move on to generating leads.

The reason I do this is because I know that no matter what changes occur in the industry, the same formula is going to work:

Lead Flow + Offers That Convert = Money

So whenever you get frustrated or get your teeth kicked in doing business, you should calm down and think about that money making formula.

You asked how do I spot hot offers…

First of all it has to be an offer I feel good about promoting.

Secondly, you need to test offers you like and you’ll soon find out what type of offers your subscribers want.

Picking hot offers is sort of like the art of picking offers that people want and also fulfilling your duty of not promoting anything that harms others instead of helping.

Asher: Alright, so let’s say you have a brother and he wants to duplicate your way of doing things, he’s technically savvy enough but basically a newbie.

If he came to you for help, what would be your prescription/formula for him to follow in order to duplicate your success?

Jason: The first thing I’d do is urge him to join to get some kind of a list going.

Asher: I’ve heard lots of great things about the site, but why should he join the site as opposed to other resources?

Jason: Because when you’re starting out online often you don’t have much money to spend on advertising and you don’t have time to kill waiting around for other free traffic methods to pay off.

With you can go ahead and start building your list by doing free ad swaps with other Internet marketers.

You can join their forum, network, and be around other list builders asking them how to set up things.

Then later on in your career you can branch out outside of and invest the money you make back into your business through paid advertising methods and any outsourcing for free traffic.

Think of this strategy as like breathing life into your List Building.

It’s like a jumpstart that can get you some leads and commissions and sales rolling in.

Asher: Ah, that definitely makes sense. So let’s assume that he joins the site, interacts with someone and sets up his first site with a proper lead capture.

What are the tips you would give him to start his first list? Any “dangers” to avoid?

Jason: Just try not to do any business with knuckleheads who lie in their advertising.

Use your gut.

If someone seems dirty, then don’t work with them.

Because you will become them if you do.

Asher: Alright.

Final 2 questions, Jason, and we’re done.

Is there any trend you can see in the current state of market and if there’s anything you would do?

Jason: Well it seems Google is becoming a more and more unstable place to rely on for your lead generation.

There are just too many hoops to jump through with both paid and free Google traffic.

I think it’s important to remember that changes are always happening.

You may even need to reinvent yourself and shift gears every few months.

Opportunities will come and go.

Some things you do will become less effective over time and you’ll need to change things up.

But the basic way money is made will never change.

It will always be about generating consistent lead flow and promoting offers that convert.

The WAYS you do that will always change.

Asher: Great – so if anyone reading this interview would like to know more about you, where can they go?

And what would they get?

Any final words?

Jason: Sure. I’ve sold over 1,000 copies of this product called Rapid Mass Listbuilding, but your subscribers can have it as a gift:

My final words would be to stick to the basics.

The time-tested basics. Because they’re going to work.

You’ll see opportunities come and go, but adapting to the changes that happen online is only possible when you understand the basics of what makes money.

Once you focus on the basics, then you know exactly what type of today’s tactics you should be using.

Good luck!


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