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Introduction To Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous

Earn More Work Less Get FamousI received an email from Simon Hodgkinson for his new book “Earn More Work Less Get Famous” less than 12 hours ago.

So I checked it out at Amazon and it currently has 15 customer reviews, with 13 of them giving a full 5 stars and 2 of them giving 4 stars. It also has some editorial reviews from other established marketers I know of and respect.

Learning how to start a business creating and publishing successful books and products from the guy that has done it over 500 times and made millions of dollars in the process has to be the no-brainer of the year – You simply won’t find a better person to teach you on the planet and in Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous, Simon reveals how to literally make money out of thin air.
Jeremy Gislason – SureFireWealth.com

If you need money – a little or a lot, and if you want to make some dramatic changes to your lifestyle and to enjoy what you do EVERY single day then Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous is the answer. Simon has created a treasure map that can lead you to instant fame and fortune, and you need to read it.
Soren Jordansen – IM Wealth Builders Ltd

Amazing job on creating something that anyone can make some money from! There’s no one better around to teach this stuff seeing as how many killer products you’ve sold over the years. You’re definitely the “go to guy” here! AWESOME!
Liz Tomey – LizTomey.com

Simon has written an extremely informative and entertaining book! More importantly, it reveals the easy and genuine way how anyone can profit from digital publishing regardless of experience. A great book you must read! 
Ewen Chia #1 International Bestselling Author InternetMillionaires.com

Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous Reviewed:

It’s a fast-turner of 128 pages. Here’s what I like/dislike about it:

  • It’s not written like a book

Maybe it’s a personal preference, but ever since I stepped into the world of internet marketing, I’ve gotten used to reports in 3-5 sentences paragraphs. Any book released by an established I.M. expert that has paragraphs in the traditional “chunk of hundred words” paragraph – my eyes glaze over.

I need to snap myself back out of that hypnotic state in order to consume that book. So I’m thankful this book isn’t like that.

  • It’s conversational

This book was written with “you” in mind. So instead of traditional books written in a very authoritative tone, this is written with a friendly yet advisory tone. Which makes it, again, easier to read and consume.

  • Proven methods with a new spin

Since this is a book from Simon Hodgkinson, who makes a serious income from the internet, it’s not odd to find that he teaches the exact same proven methods and strategies others before him have done. What’s nice though is he puts a different spin on things – so instead of “you must do keyword research”, he says it this way (page 19):

Let’s suppose you decide you want to write a book about weight loss, because you see it’s a BIG, fat market (ha – pun intended!) with a lot of competition. If you see one popular topic is “getting rid of belly fat,” that’s a possible topic for your book.

  • Free audio version

Other than reading it, I like the option of being able to listen to the book on the go. When you get this book, you’ll also get the audio version. A full 3 hours 15 minute professionally recorded version of it.

  • Fighting the price battle

This is a strategy he talks mostly about in his book. Creating a low cost product and putting it up for the masses to consume. This is a trend which I personally don’t like as it is forcing lots of experts to give more in order to get less.

You have to give an overwhelming amount of value inside your book (be it information or entertainment) but you price it really, really low. He makes a good case of it by naming John Locke, the 1st independently published author to sell 1 million copies of his crime novels, and Amanda Hocking, who sold 1.5 million copies of her paranormal romance novels.

(Something which I don’t understand… novels encouraging necrophilia and the like… urgh. The world is getting weird.)

People are getting smarter and everything is getting cheaper. Therefore, it’s my opinion people are continually spending just to find that one gem. And they need to wade through lots of reading to get to that gem.

So if you’re planning to become famous through the books you release, you will be going up against competition. And fighting the price battle is indeed a hard battle to challenge.

In other words – outsourcing. In the book, you’ll get to read about some street smart strategies to use while looking for someone to create that million dollar book on your behalf. You’ll even get to learn how you can get experts to write your book for free.

  • Doing it yourself

From page 56 onwards till 74, however, the tables are turned and if you can’t outsource it (it will cost you) or get experts to write your book for free, then can do it yourself.

If you are a hands-on kind of person (like myself), this section would be the best part of the book. It teaches you some of the best ways to start creating your own publication – using outlines, mindmaps, etc. It also teaches you on how you should manage your time properly which is crucial to you being able to create the products in a timely, efficient manner.

  • Winking at Girls in the Dark

Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you are doing but nobody else does.
- Stuart Henderson Britt

Here, you’ll know what truly sets apart the men from the boys. The book starts talking about advertising. You’ll need to know how to title your book, how to get the best cover designs, pricing points, optimizing your descriptions and a whole lot more – he doesn’t go into much depth but its enough for you to get started.

  • Much, much more

Earn More Work Less Get Famous

I won’t cover the book in its entirety as there are still a few more chapters to go – namely, “Tapping into Your Inner Marketer” & “Putting On Your Publisher’s Cap” (which helps deal with the whole price battling issue).

Earn More, Work Less, Get Famous Verdict:

Overall, I give “Earn More Work Less Get Famous” a thumbs up. Good read. Following Amazon’s rating system, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. And if you get the book, remember, you also get the audio version of the book (instructions are on page 12 of “Earn More Work Less Get Famous“).

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