Law Of Attraction Is Merely An Excuse For The Lazy

There, I’ve said it… people who are into the Law of Attraction (LoA) are lazy, greedy and just plain old… well… lazy.

I just received an email from a well known expert (I’m on a bunch of lists) and the title of the email was basically about what one customer/student “created” out of thin air.

The Law of Attraction “Dream” Exposed

The student had “created” an entire wardrobe and magically discovered one of the pieces in that wardrobe cost about 5 grand.

First of all, I have queries about the email I received. The expert stated that the email was from a student but upon closer observation, it was too detailed about the magical effects of correct LoA the expert’s product would bring.

Now, the expert clams down on the 1 thing which I know LoA believers want… and that’s “something for nothing”.

And because of that, he makes his product seem like the magical key for anyone to get anything they want – without paying anything for it.

(Well, except – paying for the “secrets” available in a $200 course.)

There’s a lot of underlying, hidden things going on about emails being sent out which I usually recognize and quietly acknowledge but for some reason, this email “got me” – it got on my nerves.

Lovers / Haters of the Law of Attraction

The Secret” – top grossing film about LoA is a big perpetrator of this “something for nothing” mindset, in my humble opinion.

If you’ve done any kind of research on the film via the internet, you’ll quickly come across lots of people loving and bashing the film. The lovers love it because it’s like a dream come true for them – they can finally get whatever they want just by thinking about it.

The bashers bash it mainly because they recognize the one crucial thing which can result in a bunch of dreamers who demand everything in life but don’t want to work for it… that one thing being “action”.

And I concur with the bashers.

If one can really get anything in life just by thinking it, what if someone else negated that thought with another thought?

Nothing in life comes just because one simply wills it to be – otherwise, we’d all be gods. (And if ancient lore, movies and games are any indication, some mortal will rise, come after us and kill us off.) No, I believe that one needs to work for it. Yes, work. It’s a scary word to many but only with worthy work will one truly find value in the rewards he/she reaps.

That’s probably why when some people take action to bring to reality their thoughts and dreams, they’re surprised that they actually got it and credit that to LoA. Even with the minimalistic of actions, it IS possible to bring to pass any dream.

So what kind of actions can one take to bring to pass? Here are 3 steps you should implement…

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Practical Steps To Achieving Anything You Want

Now that you know the 3 steps to realizing any dream, be sure to use them and apply them to your own life. Of course, if you happen to chance upon a lucky break, be thankful for it.

But never become lazy and compliant, thinking the universe conspires to find things to throw into your lap. However, if you plan to get the best things in your life, you’ll find that the good things in life do come your way.

But that’s only because you’re getting in the way of good things in life!

Go towards your dream, fight for the things you want in life and when things get good, aim for more!


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