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Over the past few months, you may have heard some news about the hottest brand new social network called Pinterest. According to, there are approximately 11 million unique visitors to Pinterest as of January 2012. This has made Pinterest the world No #5 Social Network beating out some other BIG names such as LinkedIn and Google+.

Undeniably, Pinterest has taken the social media world by storm where users visually share, curate, and discover new posting or known as ‘pinning’ images or videos to their own or other’s pinboards. However, Pinterest is quickly becoming the trailblazing social network for millions of people across the world.

Are you going to be the doubter that is unsure of the profit potential it can bring? Or being the action taker that grab this opportunity to be the most profitable one this time… I don’t think you want to see someone else snatch this opportunity away from you.

With an increasing growth of users accessing Pinterest, it is sprinting against other social network giants such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+

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Pinterest Expert

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If you’re new to social media, this book might be overwhelming but take your time to implement all the strategies and you will definitely see results. This is what you’ll learn in this course:

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In This Report, You Will Discover:

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What Is Pinterest?

Simply put, Pinterest is an online or virtual pinboard. Pinterest allows you to share products, pictures and videos of your favorite things that you found online by “pinning” those items on you virtual pinboard. Pins have links that points back to where you found it.

Pinterest had grown exponentially in a very short amount of time. It is now driving more referral traffic than Google+, Youtube, LinkedIn and Reddit combined! It is the talk of the town. Every social networking site, tech blogs, and news sites are talking about its awesome potential.

How Does Pinterest Work?

Pinterest works by enabling individuals to “pin” whatever interesting thing they stumble upon in the online jungle. You can “pin” a picture of a product that you really like on a website, “pin” a recipe you found on a diet website, “pin” a wedding dress that you really like or even an interesting video about anything. The possibilities are endless. These “pins” have links back to where you found the image or video.

“Pins” are organized by categories you create. These categories are called “pinboards”. A pinboard is representative of “categories” in a blog. You can create as many “pinboards” as you like. “Pinboards” would be representative of whatever your interests are. A “pinboard” could be labeled as “Couture”, “Diet Recipes”, “People I Admire” or any other interest you may have.

Basics Of Pinterest

  • Pinboard

The “pinboard” is what you use in Pinterest to organize your “pins”. You create a “pinboard” to reflect a certain interest or category. One such “pinboard” could be named as “Latest Styles” to reflect your interest in the latest fashion trends.

A “pinboard” organizes your interests in cute little boxes that display your most recent pins in that category. This makes it easier for viewers to sift through your “pins”. If you are a blogger, you can equate this to categories.

  • Pins

“Pins” are the lifeblood of Pinterest. These are pictures or videos that you share in Pinterest. A pin contains a description of the item you are pinning and a link back to the source where you got it. “Pinning” an item is sort of like sharing a link in Facebook or twitter, but with Pinterest, you would only be allowed to pin (or share) a link if it has a picture in it that would beautifully represent it. You can also upload a picture form your computer.

  • Pin it bookmarklet

How do you “pin” an item from a website that does not have a “pin it” button? The “Pin it bookmarklet” addresses this concern. This particular item is added to a browser’s bookmark bar. This allows you to “pin” an item on a website that does not have the “pin it” button. The “pin it” bookmarklet automatically includes the link to the source. This feature of Pinterest makes “pinning” very convenient. The “pin it” bookmarklet automatically includes the link to the source.

  • GiftPins

Gift Pins are “pins” with prices attached to it. Say, you see a coffee maker on amazon or ebay, you pin it using the boorkmarklet but instead of just putting in a simple description, you put a price on the description too. The amount you put in would automatically show up on the upper left corner of the image.

These kinds of pins has a different feed called, Gift Pins and are segregated by price.

  • Followers

Upon signing up, Pinterest would ask you to follow random people whose interest might be of interest to you too. You have the option to selectively choose which “pinboard” to follow or you can opt to follow all “pinboards” of a person. “Following” is what makes this web app socially driven. Your followers, much like twitter, would see all “pins” under the “pinboards” they are following.

  • Likes

The like button in “Pinterest” functions pretty much the same as with the Facebook like button. But in Pinterest, you only use the “like” button when you like a certain pin but you don’t have an exact “pinboard” or category to pin it under.

  • Comments

A pin, much like Facebook status updates or links, can be commented on. You can write a comment on a certain “pin” that piqued your interest. And of course this is also true with your followers. Your followers can write a comment on a certain item that you “pinned”.

  • Repin

A “repin” is the equivalent of “share in Pinterest. If you like a “pin”, and you have more or less the same category, “repining” is the way to go. “Repinning” is what makes content sharing possible. This is also one of theways to grow your audience. A re-pinned item would show up on the person profile and will be visible to his/her followers.

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