"Here's How You Can Bring In More Cash Customers and Pocket More Profits in Just 45 Days, or Less, With These Expert Traffic Systems!"

Dear Friend,

I’d like to cut to the point and get straight into the point of this short letter.

You see…

The internet is a huge place and there are thousands of people “trying” to make a living online. Ever heard the statistic 80% of businesses fail within the first 5 years?

I submit to you that 80% of online business fail within the first year itself!


It’s simple – people don’t know what to do!

They try setting up their 1st website and when that’s done, they try article marketing. After spending hours writing their article, they then have to create a new account at an article directory, figure out how to submit their article and after all that mental work… a week later, they’re dismayed to find the article which took hours to craft – brought in zero sales and a measly 5 visitors.

When they see something like that, most people give up and re-quote “Internet Marketing is a waste of time! This internet business will never work!”

Then they become part of the statistic.

And then there are those that DON’T give up – so to pass time, they visit & “research” a forum.

When they come across someone making an amazing $1,428.65 in their first month promoting Amazon products, they drop whatever they’ve been doing and go chase that golden goose.

When that didn’t work, they go chase some other golden goose.

It never ends.

There are people who run around and around, chasing hollow dreams after hollow dreams – only to find, at the end of the day, that there isn’t a golden pot at the end of the rainbow.

And then…

There are the fortunate few who got things working.

The fortunate few who “get it”.

Here’s what they “get”… no matter if you are a vendor or an affiliate, there’s 1 thing that you must have – and that’s traffic.

Here’s the equation for making money online:

Traffic + Conversion = Money

You need to have traffic before you can have any conversion into sales.

Too many people make the mistake of spending hours and hours making their website look pretty, paying for designers and hiring expensive copywriters to write their sales letters when they haven’t already gotten a steady stream of traffic to their website.

Without traffic, no one ever sees the offer!


This collection of traffic secrets will take you anywhere from zero visitors to server-melting statistics!

Here’s what this package has and will do for you…

Internet marketing pro, John S. Rhodes, interviews John Cornetta and Frank Salinas – masters of list building – learn the secrets as they expose how they generate a huge responsive list of 350,000 in a mere 14 months!

(That’s an average of 25,000 subscribers each month – 833 subscribers every day! – Imagine what that will do for YOUR business.)

In this tell-all interview, you’re going to learn…

  • How to build a list of 100 people in 24 hours!
  • How to execute an adswap and profit from it
  • How to get paid to build your list
  • How to get 10,000 list fast!
  • … and much, much more!
Not only will you get the video training, you’ll also get it in mp3 format, the Mindmap in .pdf format and you’ll also get a transcript for the entire video.
(Worth $9 – included in the Traffic Stratagems package)

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  • A surefire method for profiting online by leveraging the power of video marketing using completely free methods!
  • A marketing system that has worked for generating traffic and profits for thousands of businesses.
  • How to setup a free profit pulling video in literally minutes and how you can turn that one video into a constant flood of targeted website visitors and a potential long term income stream.
  • The proven system for driving serious amounts of targeted visitors to your profit pulling website.
  • Discover one secret technique that almost no one is teaching that can increase your traffic almost overnight!
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In this comprehensive new eCourse that will reveal everything you need to know about SEO and Backlinking, you’ll turn into an SEO guru – easily ranking all your websites for big profits.

You’ll discover:

  • What are backlinks?
  • Difference between on-page and off-page SEO
  • The effect of high PR and low PR backlinks on your rankings.
  • Do-follow VS no-follow backlinks
  • Types of backlinks and how to post them easily
  • Best backlinking techniques to rank your site
  • Most effective ways to build backlinks
  • Top sources for posting backlinks
  • Advanced backlinking tools
  • How to outsource various link building strategies.
  • And much more…

You’ll even get this in audio mp3 format so you can bring it around with you in your selected portable audio player!

I’m not done yet… You’ll also get a handy-dandy SEO Checklist.

You can print this out making it super easy to monitor your progress.

It virtually guarantees your success.

Simply follow the easy step-by-step checklist to make sure you get your website ranked in no time at all.

(Worth $17 – included in the Traffic Stratagems package)

For Only $67

  • You’ll discover what social media is and how to use it to create social buzz so people can spread the word about your products/services or business in general.
  • How to convert leads into sales in social media. Learn the 3 stages to make the most out of your social media platforms and calculate your return on investment.
  • How to develop a winning social media marketing plan.
  • Discover the 7 essential steps for creating a successful social media strategy
  • The golden rules of social media
  • How to setup and manage a Facebook Page that works. What is is? Why use it? Setting it all up, configuring and optimizing, engaging your customers + more.
  • How to Tweet your way to online prominence using Twitter.com – Why use it? How to build and attract followers + more.
  • LinkedIn strategies to build your network.
  • How to use Google+ to expand your circle. What is Google+ and why use it?
  • YouTube social media plan. Why use it? Thought leadership and expertise. Marketing and advertising and how to optimize your YouTube Videos to get more traffic to your websites.
  • + much, much more!
(Worth $12 – included in the Traffic Stratagems package)

For Only $67

“Facebook for Business” will reveal:

  • Step-by-step blueprint to setup your own business page.
  • How to optimize your page for Search Engines and getting free traffic.
  • How to drive traffic by making status updates, posting pictures and videos and more…
  • How to use iFrame pages properly. (a MUST when creating a facebook page.)
  • How to understand Facebook statistics and make it work for you.
  • Easy ways to get MORE targeted followers and turn them into paying customers.
  • Best ways to monetize your Facebook page to INCREASE your profits
  • Advanced business options like Facebook apps and more…

You’ll also get “Advertising on Facebook”, revealing…

  • Easiest way to setup your facebook advert
  • How to design your facebook advert for maximum conversions.
  • Most effective way to target your advert for maximum exposure.
  • Everthing you need to know about campaigns, pricing and Sceduling your ads.
  • A great technique to make even more money on Facebook.

You’ll also receive “10 Revealing Articles On How To Cash In With Facebook”.

These 10 articles will reveal some expert techniques and strategies to give you the edge in Facebook marketing.

Below is a list of Facebook For Cash Articles with following Titles and Word Counts

  • Business Tools On Facebook – (793 Words)
  • Developing And Creating Facebook Business Applications – (509 Words)
  • Facebook For Business Basic Philosophy – (927 Words)
  • Facebook Networking Tools – (459 Words)
  • Grouping It Up On Facebook – (510 Words)
  • How To Join A Facebook Group – (551 Words)
  • The Viral Nature Of Facebook And Measuring Your Success – (688 Words)
  • Unique Things About Facebook Apps – (707 Words)
  • Web 2.0 For Business – (340 Words)
  • What Is Social Networking? – (657 Words)

“Facebook Advertising Checklist”

This checklist is super easy for you to print out and make sure you take action with this course.

It gives you a complete checklist of all tasks you need to do to complete your course and make more money with Facebook.

(Worth $17 – included in the Traffic Stratagems package)

For Only $67

Twitter Tactics:

  • How to get more traffic to your website using Twitter — one of the most popular social networking sites.
  • What type of of content to post.
  • What you should customize your Twitter profile, completely.
  • Different ways to use Twitter — for business or for fun.
  • How to increase the number of people following you — more people following you means more attention.
  • + much, much more!

YouTube Tactics:

  • How to generate unlimited traffic using high traffic video site – YouTube. 
  • An important element to add throughout your videos.
  • Why keywords are important when uploading your videos.
  • How to get more people to video your videos and stay subscribed.
  • What you should customize in your YouTube profile.
  • + much, much more!

Squidoo Tactics:

  • Why you should be using Squidoo as part of your marketing strategy.
  • How Squidoo can bring you more traffic and sales, no matter what niche you’re in.
  • How to design your Squidoo Lens page.
  • Why you should be using the correct “tags”.
  • How to get more people to view your Squidoo Lens.
  • + much, much more!

Yahoo! Answers Tactics:

  • Why you should incorporate Yahoo Answers to your marketing strategy. 
  • How to generate traffic using Yahoo Answers.
  • Why you should link to your Twitter, Digg and StumbleUpon profiles.
  • Why you should answer and also ask questions.
  • Why it’s important to use keywords when post questions/answers.
  • + much, much more!

StumbleUpon Tactics:

  • How StumbleUpon can be used to get more traffic to your website.
  • How to get your articles, videos and content “Stumbled” — these tactics will surely help you get more people to Stumble your content.
  • What kind of content to Stumble.
  • How to make people stay interested in your content.
  • How to avoid becoming a “StumbleUpon spammer” — avoid this simple mistake.
  • + many more email marketing tactics!

Digg Tactics:

  • How to attract more users to your Digg profile.
  • How to network with other Digg users.
  • Why keywords are important to use.
  • How to get traffic using Digg.
  • The right way to “Digg”
  • What kind of “friends” you should be adding.
  • + much, much more!

LinkedIn Tactics:

  • How to customize your LinkedIn profile to get more attention.
  • How LinkedIn can be used as a way to hiring people.
  • A great way to trade services using LinkedIn.
  • How to increase your reputation.
  • How to get more people adding you.
  • + much, much more!
(Worth $10 – included in the Traffic Stratagems package)

For Only $67

Here’s what could happen to you when you use the Traffic Stratagems for your sites:

  • Build a huge optin list in record time to monetize over and over again – truly making money “at the push of a button”… even while you are lazing on the beach, traveling overseas or whatever you choose to indulge in!
  • Create autopilot traffic coming day-in-day-out to your site, so you never have to be afraid of some stupid search engine slap causing you to lose everything you’ve worked so hard for.
  • Wake up daily to see positive cash flows in your account, thereby leaving you with a smile for the rest of the day knowing your bills are taken care of.

But that’s not all!…

Get “Traffic Stratagems” today and you’ll also get “Traffic Stratagems Continued” for FREE next month!

You’ll get the free updates automatically inside the Members Area.

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The 3 Legged Stool Of Achievement

Visualize in your mind a 3-legged stool.

If any one of those legs is missing, you can’t sit on it; you topple over. No one leg is more important than the other.

They are equally all important.

Two without three is no better than one without two or even none.

All three are vitally necessary. Their importance is evenly, perfectly balanced.

So, one of these legs is: INFORMATION. Another: ADVICE AND ASSOCIATION. The third is: DECISION AND ACTION

Now Is The Time For You To Take Informed, Decisive Action!

How much would you cheerfully invest to guarantee success for your business?

Well, if the discoveries in the Traffic Stratagem works to even one tenth of the degree as I have seen it work for me, then I would certainly be justified in demanding hundreds of thousands of dollars.

But I’m making the Traffic Stratagem available because I want to “pay it forward”, so I’m making it a complete no-brainer at only $67.

Now you too can have access to the secrets of hundreds of lifetimes of success – all distilled into the most powerful and productive program available today for a fraction of the cost of its collective value.

Download The Traffic Stratagem Now For Only $67!

This information is easily worth 10 times, or even 100 times the amount you have to invest.

Think about it.

How much would you pay for Aladdin’s lamp and to have your own Genie to grant you all your wishes?

I trust this makes the “decision” a non-decision.


“You Don’t Pay A Penny If The Traffic Stratagem Doesn’t Bring You More Traffic, Sales & Leads!”

Study the material and learn how these strategies work. I’m positive they will work for you.  I want you to give it a try… you owe it to yourself to at least try it. It’s completely risk-free.

Don’t like it? Send it back within 60 days. I’ll refund your money on the spot. It’s as simple as that! No harm done. No hard feelings. And we still part as friends.

You might be wondering why this guarantee isn’t for a year or 10 years or whatever, like you’ve seen in some other bold marketing.

The truth is, those guarantees are insanely long because they hope you FORGET about your purchase and don’t return it no matter how crappy the product is.

My full 60 day guarantee is designed to let you implement my step-by-step system. If you do what I tell you in the system you will notice a dramatic change in your business in less than 60 days.

The fact is, if your business isn’t completely transformed in less than 60 days… if you don’t increase the number of leads and prospects coming to your business… then I don’t want your money. I WANT you to ask for a full refund.

I think that’s only fair. I don’t ever want to sell a product to someone that’s not getting 100 times+ the value for what they paid me.

So go ahead! Secure your copy for only $67 immediately.

For Only $67

And are you ready and willing to make drastic improvements to your online business? If you are, then you know what to do. It’s a no-brainer. Don’t put this off any longer. Do it right now… immediately, while it’s fresh on your mind.

If you leave because you want to “think about it,” the “1st edition” might be all gone when you come back. You dawdle, you lose.

Not only that, but also every passing minute is a potential $10, $100, even $1,000 in extra profits you might have added to your bank account. And each passing minute is unrecoverable. It’s gone forever! Haven’t you waited long enough?

Let’s work together to take your business to levels you never dreamed possible!


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